March 10, 2011


Well, I don't want you to think I fell of the Earth.... lol. We are patiently waiting, well, skip the patiently, for our match day. I am stressed out of my mind! We'll find out on Monday if we've "matched" and Thursday where we "matched". I can't sleep, so I am cranky, my mojo has left the house. Sorry ladies. However, I've been catching up on my Project Life (while waiting in the carpool lane for my daughter). I have also designed few things on Photoshop, been thinking about few things - like preparing few tutorials, making few different things for my Etsy (right now completely empty), etc. My brain is on overload.
So that's why I have my PJs on and I am ready to head for snoozers ... wish me sleep :)

Have a fabulous day/evening!



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