June 13, 2011

My husband - the Doctor

So after years and years of studying, it's finally official - he's a Doc! We've moved on the 1st of June, flew to New Jersey on the 8th and just got back - our furniture, unfortunately, is still not in Phoenix. Bleh, bleh!
It was scheduled to come on 3rd of June ... no comment....

Someone congratulated me for marrying a doctor ... my answer made them laugh, but I was serious.
"I married a hot surfer boy, he became a (hot) doctor while he was married to me." 
Here is THE big day.

I'll be back with cards/projects as soon as I can. Hopefully by the end  of next week!

Have an awesome Monday everyone!!!!


Kylie said...

Oh! Congratulations to you all! Such a gorgeous little family too Hunny. I hope your furniture arrives soon.
Big hugs
Kylie xx

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