September 8, 2009

I am back!!!

Oh, my!!! I was gone longer than I expected ... sorry, my little sister was visiting for 10 weeks and we were just busy busy busy and then in the evening when I would have a little time to spare I was exhausted from running around, visiting city attractions, taking care of Lana, my sister, my hubby, cooking, cleaning (and being preggos) all day .... ufff... anyhow, she has left and we're sad but I am excited to get back to my routine (can you hear the little control freak in my voice? ☺)
And now I have only about 13 weeks before my youngest sister comes and visits and 15 more weeks before the baby (should!) comes... soooooooooooo .... I need to run few errands today, but I surely can find some time (I believe I can) to post at least ONE card by tomorrow ☺ AND, of course, I have to figure out what to offer for that promised blog candy.



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