April 2, 2009

We're moving!

I haven't been able to do any cards :(
My husband got a call on Monday, that they scheduled him for his clinical rotations .... in ATLANTA! and that he has to start on APRIL 27TH!!! Soooo .... I've been going crazy to find a house, research schools, neighborhoods - we've never been to Atlanta and we had no idea that they will send us there - we thought Michigan or Chicago, so I have those down but we've never even imagined that we will end up in Atlanta. A lot of people promise me that I will love it .... I am so excited :) I loooove warm weather and the humidity will be good for my skin ;)
Anyhow, no cards ... I guess for a while, but I think I might (or will have to do some) because I will need a little de-stress before we move :)
Sooooo....... I guess I'll catch you later....
P.S. If anyone knows good places to raise 4-year old with nice schools in Atlanta area and fairly close to downtown (Atlanta Medical Center), please let me know .... Thanks a million!


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